Gambling Addiction-The Newest Trend

by Sara Mendez

According to, two decades ago 48 states outlawed gambling. Now 48 states have some form of gambling, only Hawaii and Utah do not. Whether you are betting on a game, playing online gambling, watching the World Series of Poker on TV or spending the weekend in Las Vegas, gambling is everywhere. Unfortunately, where there is gambling, there is addiction. According to, 5% of gamblers are addicted. Sure this number seems small. But think about this, also reported that in 1997 alone, 87% of people who visit Las Vegas gambled. Of those 87%, 67% played the slot machines. That was ten years ago, those numbers and stats have only gone up. Many people are ok gambling for fun, but others become addicted and obsessed.

Just the thought of winning the jackpot is enough to intrigue anyone, but for someone who suffers from addictive behaviors, this thought only leads to problems. The link to addiction can sometime stem from a memory. It could be something as simple as being a child and hearing your parents talk about winning the lottery and never having to work again. You and your parents might have talked and dreamed about what you would do with all that money, it most likely was a happy memory. As you get older you associate happiness and financial freedom with the lottery.

Marketing companies are not stupid, they want people to be drawn to their products and spend money. When you walk into a casino or enter an online gambling website, you are greeted with bright colors, flashing lights and visually appealing games or machines. Who wants to by pass a shiny new car slot machine at a casino, not me! Every time you see these images, an emotion is triggered, maybe a happy one, an excited one or simply one of anticipation to get the new car or money. These can be very powerful feelings and persuade you to play, quickly you become sucked into the marketing trap.

Most gamblers now what obsession feels like. You start playing the slot machine or online poker, you usually start in small amounts. Maybe you win some money. Why not play the money since it is money you earned, seems logical! Of course you lose your money, so you play a little extra to win back what you already spent, no harm there you might think. Next thing you know, you are gambling away your house payment, each time thinking to yourself, the next one I will win big. This obsession quickly takes over your mind and you life. Before you know it you have gambled away everything in your life you were trying to save, you marriage, house, savings account and the kids’ college fund.

It is difficult to admit when you have lost control of something, especially something as large as your life! You have already taken the first step, if you are reading this, you know you are suffering from an addiction. There is help out there for you. Gamblers make excellent candidates for hypnosis because they are able to regularly fall into a trance. Hypnosis will help you identify why you gamble in the first place and pin point emotional attachments as well. The subconscious mind is very powerful and while in hypnosis, you are able to replace negative triggers such as bright displays. Instead of wanting to gamble, after hypnosis you will simply be able to walk by with no problems.

Once you find a treatment for your lifestyle, you can begin leading a normal happy healthy life. Conquering addiction is possible but difficult without help. Imagine all the new things you can do with your new found freedom and time! You can start exercising, working in the yard, hanging out with friends, and simply stop being a house or casino hermit! You will have extra money to save, fix up your house or take a vacation, just not to Las Vegas! Once you find a treatment for your lifestyle, you can begin leading a normal happy healthy life.

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