Granite Countertops for the Kitchen

by Andrew Kelly

Whether you are a young adult or you are getting on in years you will want your home to both look good and be a great place to live. Many people spend small fortunes improving their homes and one of the best ways in which to improve a kitchen is by installing granite countertops.

Having a large kitchen that not only looks good but feels great to work in can make cooking a whole lot more pleasurable. Working on a kitchen surface that is hard wearing can make cooking far easier. Granite is a wonderful material, it is tough and hard wearing and looks incredible when highly polished. When used to make granite countertops it produces a surface that is so tough it is difficult to mark it, even with knives and other kitchen utensils.

Take a look around any kitchen and no matter how expensive, or how beautiful, the kitchen units are, if the work surfaces are scratched the appeal will be vastly reduced. Because the work surfaces in a kitchen need to be free of scratches to maintain the designs beauty most high quality kitchens use hard tough materials such as granite.

Scratches look awful but they can also be a risk to your health. Scratches can become home to a whole host of different germs that can easily be transferred to food and consumed. By using granite countertops you can ensure that, because it is so difficult to scratch them, your kitchen will be clean and safe.

When choosing a new kitchen we often look to the color of the units as this has the most visual impact. Next our eyes will move to the countertop but if the countertop’s color does not match, or compliment, the units color, we will immediately be drawn to them. It is therefore vital that the materials used, by kitchen manufacturers, are available in a number of different colors.

Black is a wonderful color as it will go with almost anything from bright reds and greens to subtle shades such as apple white. However some of us like to have kitchens that use different color schemes, sometimes with matching surfaces and at other times contrasting colors. Luckily granite countertops are available in a wide range of colors other than black. They are available in various shades from black through to gray and onto white but also shades of blue, green, red and brown.

While installing granite countertops to your kitchen can prove to be rather expensive it is generally accepted that it is a wise investment that can easily be recovered when you sell your home. In fact a good quality kitchen with superb granite countertops can actually add value far greater than the actual cost of installation. However such countertops need not be as expensive as you may think because the price usually depends, not only on the size of stone used, but also the thickness of the granite. Furthermore price is not usually dependent upon color.

So, if you have your heart set upon a new kitchen, why not take a look at having the luxury of granite countertops? As you can see from the above article granite is the perfect material for use in the kitchen and you have to admit it is one of the best looking materials around. Not only this but it is 100% natural.

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