Green color adds good Color effects in the room

by Adam Peters

This article is about the color effects of area rugs. It focuses on the tranquil impact that green color has.

In a large sized room, the floor usually has to be covered with portions of repeated designs. There cannot be a single patch of color that can’t be compared to another, in terms of shape or size. There is nothing which does not have its specific matching part at an accurate distance, let it be East or West, North or South, or any part of the room, and this is why a carpet with first-rate design and outstanding color becomes intolerable in a huge sized room.

The effect is not as dreadful in a smaller room where there is not much of repetition, but in a huge room the dull repetition cannot be avoided.

There are definitely some laws of optics and ingenuities of integration and corresponding which may overstate this effect, but the fact is that the flooring should be done in a way which will direct the mind to tranquility and the eye to satisfaction. This is difficult to achieve by means of what is generally known as a figured carpet.

If a carpet is to be incorporated, it appears, then, that the easiest technique is to opt for a suitable monochrome in the present color of the room, but several shades duller. Not a totally clear surface, but one out of contrast with some ordinary design or outline in a still darker or lighter shade than the common tone can do the trick. Here, we shall have the room in harmony but the approbation of the energizing effect of contrast shall be missing. This can be achieved by making the middle or major element of the carpet reasonably smaller by means of a very wide and noteworthy border of complementary color. However, in rooms structured a bit gigantically, this trick does not totally help the situation as the central space continues to remain too large. But such are the situations where the hearth-rugs or skin-rugs come in handy and can be placed as to fulfill the requirements of use. Engine steam cleaning is something everybody should know.

As it is pointed out earlier, the contrast on an extensive level can be tenable by choosing carpets of a completely different character from the wall, and this is very often expedient. For example, as distinct from the copper-colored wall, a delicately toned emerald carpet is almost always successful. The green color gives a natural look to your walls. The color green is always harmless and acceptable in a floor-covering, provided the walls are not too dominating in tone. Another thing that should be taken care of is that the green in the carpet is not always too green. The brownish greens have the class of being in agreement with every other color. They are the most harmonious shades in the color-world–the only ones with no positive antipathies. Green in all the paler tones can be said to be intermediary among colors, as all the other tints will fight with something else, but by no means with green of an equivalent or even of a much superior strength. Of course this valuable superiority, jointly with a natural tranquility of effect, makes it the safest of commonplace floor-coverings.

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