Growing a Blacony Garden

by Greg Hansward

If you have never grown a garden before then there is no need to fear. You can grow a lovely garden in your apartment without a lot of experience necessary. In fact, an apartment is the perfect place for a beginner to begin their gardening hobby. Apartment gardens are small and well contained. It is easy to stay on top of the maintenance and perfect if you are unsure of your skills. The perfect spot for your apartment garden is going to be your balcony. It is amazing to see a lovely garden growing outside your door.

Safety First

Before ever beginning your project it is important to make sure your balcony will be able to withstand the weight of your garden. Check with your landlord to be sure of the weight restrictions and any other restrictions that you should keep in mind when getting started.

Start Small

Since you are just beginning it is best to start out small. Additionally, you are working in a rather small space, so you will need to keep that in mind. Some plants are going to be better suited for the space you have available. You can do some research before shopping for plants or ask someone working at the garden center where you shop. Since your plants are going to be outside you should choose hardy plants that will be fine with exposure to the amount of sun the area gets and that are made for the area in which you live. You also want to choose plants that will remain rather small. Do not go too large or you will overwhelm the area and restrict plant growth because they will just not have enough room to flourish. You can consider hanging plants or plants that climb a trellis. Another consideration due to the small space is choosing plants that require little maintenance. You do not have the room to continually be working and pruning and handling things other then the basic needs of food and water. Do not forget to think about smell, too. You do not plants that are too overwhelming in aroma, unless you really like the smell because it is going to flow into your apartment easily.

Enhance your Area

Your garden would not be complete without somewhere to sit and enjoy it. Adding a piece or two of small furniture makes the area look finished. You can add things like screens or a folding table, too. Just make sure you choose lightweight and small or collapsible pieces that will fit into the area.

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