Holiday Rentals Make Vacation Fun

by Eric Slarkowski

If it is very important to family member or those in your travel group to have living quarters on or very near the beach, it may be wise to consider beach rentals as an option. As more properties have become available in recent years, larger numbers of travelers are moving away from the hotel or cabin option to stay in resorts or condominiums directly on the shore.

One of the key reasons for this change of habit: Renting accommodations close to or on the beach eliminates the need for additional driving when the beach is the destination. In addition, newer developments that offer on-the-beach” living are often part of a community or group of properties. This arrangement means that renters not only have a home-like atmosphere with their holiday rentals, but also benefit from the additional activities that come with the community arrangement.

Some beach rental properties offer full kitchens, while others have more limited appliances (microwave, small refrigerator). It is possible to rent beachfront property with smaller sleeping spaces, but most of the top-quality beach rentals and resorts offer full-size family sleeping rooms and large beds (often queen or king size). For those to whom atmosphere and appearance are key ingredients for enjoying a holiday trip, many of the resorts and top beach rental properties were designed and decorated by specialists and professionals in the beach/rental property field.

Convenience and location often determine the success of a rental property or resort. Many people look just as closely at location as they do at the internal amenities of the properties. For instance, travelers sometimes place a premium on having accommodations close to a grocery store, restaurants, shopping centers and specialty stores. Others want their living quarters to be very close to tourist attractions, museums and other special destinations.

Of course, with beach rentals the primary destination will be the sand and the surf. If the family members find that, after a few days, there is a need for some individual activity or “alone” time, some resorts have childcare and children’s activities. In fact, the younger members of the family sometimes find that the programs planned by the professional resort staff are as much fun as anything the family planned for themselves.

As the family plans its trip (hopefully several months in advance) it might be wise to keep in mind that rental properties and resorts sometimes offer interesting side trips and day trips to their residents. These special excursions can include surfing, scuba diving, horseback riding and much more. Be sure to read printed information carefully and ask staff members about these programs and trips. Sometimes these trips can be as enjoyable (or more enjoyable) than other tourist-focused events. The price can be quite reasonable too.

Perhaps the best thing about renting in a resort property or a community-style rental property is the lack of effort it takes to take care of details. Resorts and beach rentals may be the key to a magnificent vacation.

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