Home Renovations – Truth and Projections

by Kurt Schefken

The massive spurt in the number of home television shows has entirely changed the way we view the everyday tasks. What takes a huge amount of time and toil in real life contrarily appears as a very measly and minor task on the popular home renovation. Common life tasks to be carried out by laymen like us are probably carried out deftly by the experts on our favorite channels, leaving us bewildered at their sheer swiftness and craftsmanship.

The Catch!

So, what is it that makes these shows so popular, in spite of the common conviction that they often allure you to believe that tasks like home makeovers can be done just in a moment. Well, the catchline here is the brilliance of their ideas. These shows often give out highly innovative and useful ideas for home renovations which actually carry a lot of value for the homemaker.

Flipping houses – The latest in vogue!

These scintillating home renovation shows on television gather their appeal from the impression that doing up your dream home is just a matter of a few hours. They blessedly seem to be leaving out all the intricacies involved, making home-makeovers sound like a plain, simple job.

The latest to develop a fan following amongst such programs is those talking about flipping houses. Well, by definition, flipping a house is a concept wherein a particular individual purchases an old house at a low price, which is in a dire need of repairs and renovation. Once the necessary toil has been put into it, these houses are then again sold for a higher profit, thus making the entire process a revenue-generating venture. As these shows talking about flipping houses gain immense popularity, the largest looking danger is of the air of simplicity surrounding the entire process. These well-directed shows make flipping sound a very easy task, not detailing on any of the complexed aspects of the job, ranging right from costs and efforts involved to the risks associated with inadequate planning.

For instance, take the case of those ‘wonder’ shows which make it appear as if pulling down a wall and building them up again is a task involving a minor effort. And just consider if the wall in question is one of the load bearing walls, the image projected on the television can actually cause irreversible damage, even leading to the collapse of a few portions in the process.

So the next time you get up from your couch with an intention of a magical home makeover, just halt for a second and look beyond the real implications involved, before you actually head for that shovel.

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