Hot Tub Luxury

by Jeff Jones

Hot Tubs are becoming a luxury that many people would not be without. What started out as little more than a simple tub to hold water, has developed into a luxury item loved by it’s owners the world over. Their steady development over the years has now resulted in a desirable addition to the home.

Hot tubs can be traced back to early Rome, BC. In that era, hot tubs were housed in spas and were open to all who wanted to use them. Women and men together, shared in the relaxation and luxury of a spa.

There was a time when hot tubs and spas were luxuries of only the elite. To own one was a status symbol that you could afford the finer things in life. Early consumer Hot tubs used to be only in back yards or on the deck of your home. They were large and bulky and were very expensive to own and maintain.

Today, there are a wide variety of different sizes, prices and materials of hot tubs on the market. Hot tubs can even be housed on the inside of your home, without the worry of leaking or the cumbersome size of models from past years.

Hot tubs today, come in many different shapes and sizes. You can buy one that contains just a couple of seats, for a more intimate setting, or, if you entertain a lot of visitors, you can buy one that will seat ten or more people. In the past, hot tub seats were designed with bench style seating that allowed everyone to be at the same level. These bench style designs were often uncomfortable for those who were either tall or short. Today, most modern designs have multi level seating as standard, so that you can find the seat that suits you best.

The water spray jets of spa hot tubs have improved greatly over the years. What used to be manually powered has now been replaced with electrically powered jets of various styles and uses. Deciding on a choice of swirling jets, whirlpool jets, mini jets, pillow jets, shoulder jets and even massaging jets is one thing you may be required to do. Each one has its own benefits, so do test them out if you get the chance before buying.

Hot tubs also have reputed medical benefits. The major one being that when used as part of a therapy session, the patient often recovers faster and with less stress to their bodies. Hot tub hydrotherapy has been used for several decades and has had great success.

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