How To Earn A Passive Income Online

by Christopher Stigson

Don’t kid yourself… Earn a passive income online and you’re set for life, even if your income streams decline from a couple thousand a month to a couple hundred a month… In reality, I think that 10% of the population could be earning a full-time passive income online, by the year 2020. Maybe even more! The internet is such an easy place to get started, and you can do it for virtually zero investment!

Question is… How do I earn a passive income online? It’s all about making money while you are NOT working, which means setting up a ton of income streams that generate money while you sleep. These are called automated income streams, and they crank out money day and night all by themselves.

Having a website or blog increases your chances of this happening ten fold. You can have it ranked in Google search engines for just about any keyword you’d like, or you can pay for targeted visitors that would be highly interested in an offer you have. I use both and there are many more places, like eBay and myspace as well.

It’s not impossible for virually anyone to make $30K in the first year online. In fact, I’m very confident that most people can. With good mentors, guidance and people it’s fairly easy to create these passive income streams with only your simple laptop computer (anywhere in the world!!).

You will need to know what type of income streams you want… It’s easy to pay $1 to make $1, meaning you spend $1 and make $2 back, remove the $1 spent and there is your $1 profit. You can also spend TIME and have your website ranked in Google using search engine optimization techniques. When it’s ranked you’ll always be making money and having visitors.

When you start out, I think it’s better to start to use “money for money” approach since you want the data it returns. This means that you’ll know what people want, what’s targeted, what converts visitors into sales etc. Then when you have that data, plug it into an SEO campaign and make money for life!

When you have optimimized 10-20 of these WEBSITES, with about 20-1,000 pages each, you can understand how fast, and how easy it’ll be for you to start making money with the internet… now it’s simply time to plug-in a couple of income streams such as affiliate marketing or adsense and you’re off making $100’s per day from the free traffic you tested with PPC!

If you can’t make money in this way then I don’t know what to say… I’ve done this over and over for a long, long time and I can only say one thing.. It WORKS, and it WORKS everytime, for everyone… It’s fail-proof…. Why? Becuase you only push something when it’s proven viable in a multitude of paid tests. You can pay for information that would take months to get using only free traffic and search engine traffic, so spendning a $100 bill in a day is CHEAP to learn that out of 100 keywords 2-3 are profitable!

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