Identity Theft and Citibank

by M B Beam

Citibank and Identity Theft, Possible Safety Measures

Stealing a person’s personal information for the purposes of robbing that person is known as identity theft. It is a crime that can hurt a person’s credit for years. An identity thief is capable of almost anything. They can pull all the money out of a person’s bank accounts. They can use a person’s identity to apply for loans. They can even open credit card accounts or run up balances on a person’s existing cards, using personal information that they steal. Such information can include the person’s address, phone number, social security number and more.

Many financial institutions, including Citibank, are cracking down on identity theft. There are many protection techniques available to customers of Citibank and identity theft prevention services are top priority.

The cares taken by Citibank and identity theft protection procedures are vital for the protection of the customers. After all, identity theft is plaguing more and more financial institution customers every day, including those at Citibank. Citibank takes great pride in protecting its customers’ security as much as possible, in order to prevent identity theft.

Citibank and Identity Theft Measures Offered

Online banking is one of the Citibank identity theft procedures available to Citibank customers. Customers can view their bank statements online, at any time, using the online banking features. All a customer needs to do is log in to the Citibank website. So, the customer options at Citibank and identity theft procedures show that Citibank cares for its customers.

The major benefit of this service provided by Citibank and identity theft measures that are provided is that the customer can opt out of receiving their bank statement via the U.S. mail. This minimizes the possibilities of personal banking information falling into the hands of those who take mail from individual mail boxes.

The credit card department at Citibank and identity theft protection goes hand in hand as well. Early fraud protection is a top priority of Citibank’s credit card department. That means that, if a customer’s account seems to show suspicious activity, Citibank will attempt to contact the customer immediately. By verifying whether or not the activity was authorized as quickly as possible, the damage from identity theft can be minimized.

Additional Citibank And Identity Theft Measures

There are many other possibilities available at Citibank and identity theft devices in place. For instance, when a credit card is reissued or a new credit card is issued, the account is blocked temporarily. That way, it cannot be used until it has been properly activated by the cardholder. The identity theft protection procedure involves the cardholder calling a number on the back of their card from their home phone. Once Citibank has verified that the card was activated from the phone number associated with the account, the account is activated and available to be used.

The relationship between Citibank and identity theft does not stop there either. In fact, Citibank has a specific e-mail address set up to handle fraud cases. So, if a customer should get an e-mail claiming to be from Citibank, they do not need to reply immediately. Instead, they can contact Citibank’s fraud protection e-mail address to see if the e-mail was legitimate. So, as you can see, there are many options available to customers at Citibank and identity theft procedures in place for their protection.

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