If Your Partner Is Cheating – You Are Not To Blame!

by Kristin J. Thorne

One of the most painful and horrifying experiences you can have, is if you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you. You got married, and promised each other eternal love and devotion. But you wake up one day, and sensed that the spark between the two of you is gone, and wonder what went wrong, and why that happened.

You start to think, why your partner has become so cool towards you lately. And you begin wondering if there is anything you did to deserve this kind of behavior towards you.

It is extremely important that you realize, that there is nothing wrong with YOU! If your partner becomes unfaithful to you, it is something THEY decide to do, and they are masters at justifying their infidelity to themselves!

They tell themselves, that because you do too much of this, or too little of that, they deserve to look for sex and / or love with another person. But they are dead wrong. No matter what, nothing will ever justify cheating on one’s spouse.

The fact is, that if your spouse is immature enough to think that they can’t talk about their worries and concerns with you, THEY are to blame, not YOU! If your partner isn’t mature enough to know that you will not live in eternal bliss by only exchanging marital wows with each other, is it YOU who is the big problem in this relationship? The answer to that is an absolute NO!

If you are concerned that your partner is having a love affair with another person, you better not ask them straight out, unless you are prepared to hear just a bunch of lies, such as:

Oh, she is just like a my sister, or oh, he’s just like a brother to me, that’s all, or, it wasn’t me! The cell phones must have been crossed with someone else’s, or, He’s a good friend of my brother. You get the point here.

You need to learn the proven signs of your spouse cheating on you, and believe me, all the cheaters have many things in common! You have to prepare yourself very carefully, emotionally, verbally and legally, and you need to gather rock solid proofs before you confront them. Ensure that all your bases are covered so that your partner won’t be able to talk their way out of it!

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