Invaluable Advice when Caring for Vinyl Flooring

by Rob Carlton

Vinyl flooring is extremely popular, I’m sure almost every single home in America has some vinyl flooring somewhere in it. Vinyl Flooring is also commonly referred to as linoleum flooring. This is a very durable material which can be installed in tile form, or by laying rolls of the material similar to carpet. This material is often found in kitchens and bathrooms as it is very easy to clean and fairly inexpensive. Wooden flooring may not be suitable for use in these areas as they are easily stained and susceptible to water damage. Vinyl flooring resolves both of these problems and is available in a number of different designs including wooden designs and stone patterns. You will certainly be able to find a look which suits your home. Although this material is very easy to maintain you do need to spend some time looking after it.


It’s very easy to clean vinyl flooring just as long as you clean it on a regular basis. Simply vacuuming it will remove any bits of dirt or grit which could cause damage. You should also wash your floor with floor cleaner in order to remove marks from the floor. You should clear up any spills as soon as they occur to prevent it from staining.

If you notice that your vinyl flooring doesn’t have the same shine that it used to then you shouldn’t get too concerned about it. This is easily rectified by using specialist polish in order to put the shine back on your floor. You should be cautious not to buy any cleaning materials with abrasive properties as these will damage the floor

Preventing Damage

Vinyl flooring doesn’t look very nice if it is scratched or has a tear in it. You need to avoid these things at all costs. When moving any items across the floor don’t drag them, you must be careful. Consider using plywood to protect the floor to protect your floor from damage. If you do get a scratch then you should cover the area so that it doesn’t get damaged any more. Then you should contact a specialist to help you to repair your floor. If the joints in your floor start to curl up then you should cover it up and call in the specialist!

Damaged floors are repairable, however if you get dirt into the scratch then this can make it much more difficult (and expensive) to repair your floor. If moisture gets trapped under the floor then this will need specialist attention. By just following these few simple tips you will be able to make sure your floor lasts for a very long time.

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