Is Bariatric Surgery A Good Alternative For You?

For severely obese people it can be frustrating trying to get results when using conventional diets. They also know that being obese puts their overall health at risk. Perhaps that is why many of them choose to have Bariatric surgery. Unfortunately, many times they are under the mistaken impression that this type of weight loss surgery is a guaranteed solution.

What types of people are good candidates for this procedure? Some surgeons accept patients in their 60’s and some will even operate on teens, but since this is considered to be a last-step treatment for obesity, it is used only when all other conventional methods such as dieting, or even an abdominoplasty treatment have failed. Candidates must have severe obesity-related health problems.

There are 3 different stages or classifications of obesity that use the Body Mass Index (BMI). Morbid obesity (BMI 40+), super-obesity (BMI 50+) and end-stage obesity (BMI 60+). Severe obesity is a chronic, frequently progressive, life threatening disease. Does this mean that undergoing surgery is more of a risk than the actual disease itself?

Which leads us to ask, do the benefits of Bariatric surgery outweigh the risks? Most physicians say yes, as published studies indicate that someone who is 100 percent above their ideal weight has a risk of mortality ten times higher than that of a person of normal weight. Of course, surgeries are risky for any number of different reasons. However, even if there were no post-operative problems, many people are unable to comply with the post-operative eating and exercising guidelines after surgery and for the rest of their lives.

When asked if the result of this type of invasive surgery was worth the potential risks involved, most patients said yes. According to some studies there were possibly more psychological benefits rather than physical. Or as one doctor suggested, perhaps the physical benefits were that much better because of the psychological benefits.

So, do you think that Bariatric surgery is right for you? Do you feel that you would be a good candidate, or has it at least given you a little food for thought? Naturally, only you and your doctor can decide whether or not you may benefit from this procedure. The best advice may be to do a considerable amount of research on the subject and then book an appointment to see your doctor. He or she will no doubt be able to recommend a good surgeon. Also keep in mind you do not have to go to any particular doctor, and it is wise to get a second or even third opinion before making a decision that will affect the rest of your life.

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