Layabout of your rooms

by Adam Peters

This article deals about furnishing and decorativeness of room interiors. It talks about the reflection of the personality of the individual vis–vis the furnishing and choice. It provides insight about misuse of the interior makeup.

When room furnishing, the important though is all wall decorations and dining room table should compliment other possessions in the room. It is not the decorative piece that decorates the room, every lace or linen, china, glass, silver and each yard of silk or chintz should blend well. Towards effective furnishing, the rug or carpet should be in relation with other pieces of art, it should have that distinct feel of uniformity to provide the right ambience.

The way a room has been interior decorated is evidence of the personality of the individual be it man or woman with subtle hints. If the fundamentals of the art of interior decoration are known than there is no scheme that which makes it a successful or unsuccessful, bad or good one.

And when we enter a room which is not well done up, the rather quaint remark used nowadays is “very amusing”.

Some of them are original in color combinations, they make tropical impression or sometimes oriental, is it?

These combinations that which have come through the route of Munich, Bakst, Russia and Martine of Paris, an example is the Rheinhardt’s staging of “Sumurun”, the shining interiors hit us at an uncommon angle surprising and captivating some among us. In some of the houses the moods gather and spellbound us with their variety of temperament. While few are not the one for being the benchmark but, they have distinction. In any interior furnishing, the two keywords are practicality and appropriateness which make any effort entertaining and new. This is a unique fresh breath when compared to the antique feel in the rooms about ten years back which radiated a general dingy, musky feel, here exaggeration of vibrancy has proved to be an anti-thesis of the issue. These have given rise to a whole range of colors to choose from, basically a ‘VIBGYOR” assortment for people with creative and impulsive ideas. Mediterranean decorating is very famous for their style.

Well, if you have employed the services of a maid, pass careful instructions about the use of the chair or table, the way you have paid attention to minute details of its usage and contrast with the ambience of the room, tell the maid or the members of your family also not to remove to avoid tarnishing the look. This will be effective for your living room, formal reception room, dining room and personal suite (bedroom, bath and budoir). It is better to keep the wicker basket in the place where you had actually intended it to be, the basket would absolutely ruin the look of your house and cry out for attention for the lack of harmony and intrusion of space. It is therefore important that most of the rooms should be used as often as possible, be it the ballroom, you could use it as a lecture hall or audience room for concerts etc. Provide the room with small movable chairs and tables so as to quickly move to form a decorative part.

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