Learning about Solar Powered Air Compressors

by Ken Morris

Electricity is used by millions of people every day which is great. However most of this power comes from burning fossil fuels, this is what causes the problem. By producing non-renewable energy we are actually destroying the planet. Many people are also looking at ways to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, by creating viable alternatives. Many energy companies are trying to do things to help, many use solar powered air compressors.

Great, But What’s An Air Compressor?

Though you may not have one on your work bench, I’m sure you’ve heard of an air compressor before, they’re pretty common. It might be difficult however to find out exactly what one is. A solar power compressor does exactly the same as a regular compressor, but it’s powered by the sun.

That’s fantastic, but what on earth is an air compressor? Well believe it or not they compress air. These force air into a tiny space so that it is pressurized, this air can then be used to drive motors and machinery. Air compressors are often used to power drills used by oil and gas companies because there is no power available, solar powered air compressors make powering these drills very easy.

It may seem strange to use solar powered drills in order to find fossil fuels, but it really is done! It may only be a tiny thing but it does make a difference. You can only run solar powered air compressors from the solar panels, you cannot run one from a battery at night for example as this could cause damage to the delicate circuit. The solar powered air compressor is completely green and will look after the environment.

What About For Me?

You may not need a huge solar powered drill, however there are alternative uses for solar technology. Solar technology is now small enough to be used to charge your cell phone, run a laptop. You can also buy smaller solar air compressors to run smaller drills and machinery.

The solar power air compressor is basically a standard air compressor with the power being generated from the sun. If you buy one of these compressors you should have everything you need.

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