Make Madrid Your Travel Destination For Shopping

by Ken Morris

Shopping is a fun and favorite pastime for many. It is no longer something only women enjoy. Today men and children get find it as much fun as women. When you think of shopping, certain places such as London or New York come to mind. Once you vacation in Madrid, you will find that shopping in Madrid Spain offers it all. Everyone loves to buy souvenirs or little gifts to bring back home. We enjoyed our recent trip there from Paella. You’ll have no problem finding something for everyone in any one of their great stores or shops.

Everyone has their own ideas of what they’re looking for and Madrid keeps this in mind with their wide array of shopping facilities, whether it’s small antique stores, gift boutiques that specialize in genders or simple little flea markets on the street. Lavapies offers the young people (or the baby boomers from the 60s) a taste of hippie life. While they’re browsing there, you can tour Madrid’s elite shopping street, Gran Via.

Vacations are for relaxing and with their available nighttime shopping, there’s no need to hurry out in the morning to avoid stores closing too early for you. Plaza mayor has many stalls with salespeople are eager to make barters with you. Be aware-what starts out as a deal may end up with you getting caught up in the sale and paying more than you expected. Many of these are almost like auctions. If flea markets are your big thing, you won’t want to miss El Rastro, which is one of Madrid’s large outdoor flea market. You can find almost anything you like from junk, old clothes to fine antiques.

If you choose to go shopping during the week, you’ll avoid a lot of the crowd, but won’t have as much shopping available. The weekends are when the natives and tourists come to set up their shops. Sunday also offers a great coin and stamp fair for the avid collectors. Shopping is the best part of tourism, so it’s worth it fight the crowd.

If you are interested in sightseeing, you will love the statue of Eloy Gonzalo, which is located in the middle of Cascorro Square. This statue is also your way of knowing you’ve reached the Metro stop at La Latina. Be sure to bring your camera along. You’ll find yourself nestled right between the Plaza de Cascorro and Ronda de Toledo.

Regardless of what type of shopping you are accustomed to, Madrid has it all. You’ll never have enough time for the Alcal, a shopping center that has many stores offering apparel, shoe and miscellaneous items for everyone. If you want to stay with the upscale and designer clothes, Calle Serrano is the place to be. Men will love the shopping at Calle Princessa. You can take the Metro to any of the fine shops and centers.

Don’t forget to check out Mercado de San Miguel, which offers many small shops offering fresh fruit, vegetables and many more items. Shopping will build your appetite. You will be glad you decided to make Madrid your travel destination for shopping when you check out Calle Preciados, a shopping area that’s only for pedestrians. One of Madrid’s finest stores and part of a chain, El Cortes Ingles will have almost anything you could want.

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