Make The Celebration Special With A Personalized Baby Shower Gift

by Donald Saunders

There are various beautiful and effective methods of personalizing a baby shower gift and the results can change a gift into something really special.

A gift could be personalized by putting a sticker on the base, embossing it on the side or stitching it across the top. And your addition could show the baby’s name, the parents’ names, the grandparents’ names or the name of the giver.

The gift can even be decorated by adding a meaningful phrase, logo or photo. The text could be selected by the giver or conceived by the designer of the gift. A logo can be drawn by a professional or by the person who picks out the gift. A photo might be selected from a range of stock images or supplied by the giver and incorporated into the baby gift.

Personalization quite literally transforms an otherwise impersonal present into a keepsake that is going to be treasured for many years. It offers a reminder of joyous events and imparts an incentive to pass the gift on from generation to generation. Monogramming can be used to add a name to items made of cloth and printing provides an ideal way to personalize anything that is capable of absorbing ink.

For instance, a slumber bear makes for an ideal present. Babies love the cuddly, teddy bear design and parents are happy knowing the present is durable and made from good materials. Later in life both parents and the then baby will be able to look back on the baby shower when the gift was given and personalizing the gift will make the memories all the sweeter.

Another lovely gift is a Dilly the Duck cashmere pillow that offers the perfect opportunity to stitch on the baby’s name. In the years to come this gift will grow from a treasured nursery item to a reminder of those tender years. Many years after it has been given both parties can remember back to the happy moments spent reading a story while the youngster’s head nestled into it.

And storybooks can themselves be personalized in the shape of a Fairy Tale book that carries all sorts of of individual markings. For stories which are written by the child’s parents, they can simply be signed with the author’s name and date. When the book is bought then the giver can sign and date the book and print the name of the recipient. All these methods and more turn a simple storybook into a cherished souvenir of childhood.

Yet another gift that allows personalization is a birth plate on which to paint the baby’s name across the rim or on the bottom. The best choice is perhaps to print the baby’s name, birth date and weight along the rim to mark the birth of that very special individual who entered your life on that day.

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