Make Your Own Courtyard Fountains And Ponds

by Herb Daniels

Five thousand years ago, people began creating elaborate palaces and other dwellings using the beauty of courtyard fountains and ponds. Some of these decorative landscape showpieces have been the pride of kings and queens of Asia and Europe, as well as the nobility of such societies.

These days, such handsome attractions are not used by just the upper levels of society. Although they may seem somewhat costly to build, courtyard fountains and ponds are now available at prices that more enthusiasts can afford. As a result, lots of people are beautifying their domiciles with these additions. Happily these enviable showpieces can add value to a home.

Courtyard fountains and ponds can be found in a limitless array of shapes and sizes. The choices span the simple to the very elaborate and a wide selection of materials are offered. Cast stone is very often the preferred material of choice. This special type of concrete can be formed into almost any shape that is desired. On the other hand, many courtyard fountains and ponds are being made out of granite or different kinds of concrete and marble, which continues to be in demand.

Installing Courtyard Fountains and Ponds

It is very possible to install your own courtyard fountains and ponds, but it is recommended that you don’t do this work yourself. Instead, hire a professional for this detailed kind of work. If you should decide that this is a project you wish to attempt on your own, you will find that kits for smaller fountains and ponds are quite easy to install. Also, they are usually available at home improvement stores. To be sure of a quality installation for your own fountain or pond, it is suggested that you do a few basic things.

Prior to your installing your own courtyard fountain and pond, contact your local electric utility company. This is vitally important. Unless you will be using solar power, these fountains require electricity; and, their wires must be buried for safety and as well as for aesthetics. Since you may not know exactly what is buried anywhere in that area, it is necessary to call to find out.

To successfully put in a courtyard fountain and pond, make sure there are no large rocks, plants or any debris in your area of choice. Also, your pond liner may be a bit fragile, so getting these hazards out of the way ahead of time will help to protect it from punctures or tears.

Such fountains need to be level for them to function properly. Therefore, you will need to level any holes for your courtyard fountain and pond. Sidewall stones should not be positioned until the leveling process is completed. The system will operate its best if the water is level. This ensures that the pump will operate properly. It is a simple operation to level the holes. Just fill up a hole with sand. Then, place a board on the sand and a level on the board. Until the the board is level at all angles, keep tamping down.

Finally, be sure to check out and follow the instructions that are packed with your courtyard fountain and pond kit. By being attentive and careful, you will end up with the display you desire – your very own lovely courtyard fountain and pond.

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