Making Delicious Homemade Baby Shower Favors

by Dana Hall

It can be a mission to create your own homemade baby shower party favor ideas but a worthwhile one. No doubt you want your baby shower to be a success and if that means the giving of gift favors then so be it. By making the gifts you get the best of both worlds – the guest will receive a favor and you claim satisfaction for holding with tradition in a cost effective way.

Now the main the thing you need to remember is that party favors are not very large, therefore you should think about making something that is easy to carry and looks elegant. You can get many great ideas for baby shower favors from your friends, the Internet, books and magazines. The first step in making these homemade baby shower favors is to find the right types of favors to give.

When brainstorming for baby shower favor ideas keep in mind the size and type of gifts for your friends. You may want to look on the Internet, in books, and magazines to find ideas for possible party favors. The main concern when creating homemade baby shower favors is to keep them small.

You could if you like have little pouches filled with sweet treats like chocolate eggs, named engraved candies and chocolates and jelly babies sitting by the side of guests seating place. Sometimes homemade party favors are even better than favors purchased for your baby shower. This more than anything will let everyone know that you took the time to make this a very special occasion for everyone. But there are a number of ideas you can purchase baby shower party favor supplies locally.

There is something very special about gifts and favors that are homemade. If none of their idea sounds good to you, you have the option of searching the Internet. If you are short of ideas, try talking to friends. Your baby shower will definitely stand out if you take time to make homemade baby shower favors.

You therefore have to come up with favors that are attractive. One therefore needs to get nice looking ribbons, scissors, a hole punch and favor bags. The secret solely lies in wrapping and packaging them to give that cute look.

After you fill them with candy, you can decorate them with pastel colored ribbons and you will have cute party favors in just a matter of minutes. You can find containers that go along with the baby theme like baby bottles and baby food jars and then you can fill them up with candy such as gumdrops or jellybeans. Another great idea for homemade baby shower favors is unique candy containers. Another great idea for homemade baby shower favors is unique candy containers.

There you are, six creative homemade baby shower party favor ideas that your guests will surely love. Remember, all you need is some creativity and crazy ideas to make these baby shower party favors. Who knows, you might end up making a business out of your masterpieces. Who knows, you might end up making a business out of your masterpieces.

From the invitations to the decorations, the centerpieces and especially the baby shower party favors, most hostesses start with an overall theme. Whether baby shower favor ideas start with the baby’s nursery colors or as based on favorite themes. The result of all this planning is a beautiful event with themed baby shower favors and centerpieces that reflect the joy surrounding the arrival of a new life.

Using white elephant gifts as baby shower favors is a great way for guests to share the laughter and festive nature of a baby shower. This may include silly items such as used household appliances, a roll of toilet paper or an open box of Oreo cookies. Another neat idea for homemade baby shower favors is to have each guest bring a “white elephant gift”. Guests are encouraged to wrap the “gifts”, and then each member of the party can select a number and draw gifts.

Baby shower magnets favors are another great keepsake that will remind your guests of your event for years to come. Personalized save the date baby shower magnets can be sent before the event to remind your guests of you special party. If you’re good at crafting, you’ll find creative ideas for homemade baby shower favors that guests can take home with them to remind them of the baby shower for years to come. Magnets can have many themes, including teddy bears, rattles, baby bottles, pacifiers, rubber ducks, and much more.

There are many baby shower party favors to choose from. Everyone loves receiving presents and it is a fantastic way to say thanks to your guests. Some good baby shower ideas for crafts include decorating items for the baby.

After the draw, give the already addressed envelopes to the guest of honor. You can also creatively help out mom with her baby shower thank you notes. This will make it much quicker for her when she finally gets around to her baby shower thank you cards. First, create a nice gift basket that your guests can win.

Put a few into baggies, tie them with some nice ribbon and you have an inexpensive baby shower favor. Depending on the time and budget of the baby shower party, there are numerous ideas for baby shower decorations available. Buy some baby socks and fill them with candies and little chocolates.

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