Medicine Cabinets-What Features To Look For

by Illa Maden

Medicine cabinets serve an important role in our everyday routine.

Have you ever considered just how important a bathroom medicine cabinet is to your daily routine? It is very likely that most of us give little thought to our medicine cabinet, and it’s importance in our bathroom. Try getting ready for your day just once without it. This will give it the right amount of importance, and possibly point up some features to look for.

If you are shopping for a new medicine cabinet there are a number of things to consider.

How much space do you have for a medicine cabinet? Measure your space above your vanity, and plan where you will put vanity lighting. If the vanity lighting is from above with bathroom bar lighting it will free up more space, but you should know this is not the best lighting for applying makeup and grooming. Side lights at face level are preferred.

Medicine cabinets are available in both recessed and wall mounted models. There is more to consider with a recessed cabinet. If you are taking down a recessed cabinet you may need to expand the space, or if the new cabinet is smaller then some repair to the wall is required before mounting. Take safety precautions, and avoid disturbing wiring.

Wall mounted medicine cabinets are an easy installation, and can cover a hole left by an older and smaller recessed cabinet. Fill the space with some insulation before hanging your wall mounted cabinet.

Style is another important choice. A bathroom medicine cabinet is an important feature in your overall bathroom decor, and you will want to think how it fits in with the rest of your bathroom fixtures. You will find many attractive styles available. Medicine cabinets are offered in Art Deco, Early American, Mission, Traditional and Contemporary styles.

There are both framed and frameless medicine cabinets. This again is just a matter of personal choice. Framed cabinets come in many wood tones such as oak, cherry and walnut. color choices are also available. Black and white are two popular options.

You need also to think about whether you want doors that slide or swing open. Shelves should be adjustable to meet your specific needs.

There are very deep medicine cabinets today to house larger items such as blow dryers and other grooming appliances, and some offer built in plugins for extra convenience. Lighting embedded in the mirror, and fogless mirrors are also choices to consider.

Good hinges should be an important feature in your mirrored medicine cabinet. Mirrors are heavy and piano or scissor hinges are needed to manage the load.

There are also corner medicine cabinets that can be a good choice for a very small bathroom or a powder room.

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