Moving-Tips to Help Children Cope With the Transition of Moving

by L.Buckley

Their will always be stress for you and your family when it comes to moving and relocating to a whole new place. Typically with all the arrangements you mist make beforehand like getting moving and packing quotes, figuring out who to choose and then giving up your car for transportation, you tend to forget about the little ones.

Moving away from friends, familiar surroundings and being introduced to a new school is always a difficult situation. The cause of stress can vary according to the age of the children. Younger children who are in the process of exploring their independence from their parents and are adjusting to new peer groups may find themselves returning to a dependent relationship with their parents.

Sometimes I found that if you are moving to a nearby city and if you have the ability to follow the moving van that is helpful to children to know that all their belongings won’t be lost in the process and that their toys will be going with them. Give them something new to celebrate the move like a book to read on the way or a travel board game. These things are good to distract the mind.

Help your children cope better with the whole moving and relocating process by always informing them of the move itself. Mark on a calendar or make a list of what needs to be done before a move and after a move so that they can anticipate what is next to come, Its the not knowing of what to expect that causes stress.

If possible, take your children on a tour of your new town or city and home before the move to acquaint them with their new surroundings. Everyone has a computer nowadays so take advantage of the fact that you can locate your new home via satellite. show your children where you are now and where they will be soon. Locate where interesting things are like the town zoo or park.

When you are at your new home have your children Create a pen-pal package for your children and their special friends with addressed, stamped envelopes, stickers and markers. For older children, e-mail is a great way to keep in touch. Remember its all about keeping that connection with what is so familiar to them. sadness is expected but keeping the lines of communication open always help curb the emotional pain of moving away.

Take the opportunity to change the decorating style of child’s room. Discuss decorating ideas for your child’s new room including a memory door.This may help in adding excitement to the whole change thing for them. Children always love to pick out new patters and colors and you can always keep something from their old room to include in their memory door decorations.

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