Online Dating Profile Tips: Choosing The Right Photo

by Sara Musfeldt

A bad photo will ruin your chances of making an online connection. For good reason there is a lot of talk about posting the right photos on your online profile. Be sure you post photos that don’t portray some kind of characteristic that is a turn off to the person you are trying to attract. When choosing your photos, here are seven key elements to consider.

Be Unique, Element One: First and foremost look at other profiles and take notes of what you see. If everyone else is drinking a beer in someone’s backyard or at a baseball game, then you should not be and choose a picture that sets you apart. Try something that brings out your personality and fun. For example, you could post a photo of you holding a sign that says “Will you go on a date with me?” against a bright blue wall.

Be Repetitive, Element Two: If the focus of your “About Me” section is on your travels to Europe then choose pictures that correspond with your profile. Include a photo or two of you in Spain; you will be made more memorable with a little bit of repetition.

Be An Editor, Element Three: Download and use free graphic editing software to edit your photos, there is plenty out there for you. Do not be afraid to edit photos. I am suggesting you should crop the photo so you and only you are the focus. I’m not saying you should make yourself look different than you are. Feel free to brighten up the color and contrast and get rid of that red eye and big pimple so that your wonderful features are highlighted.

Be Dressed, Element Four: It’s most people’s preference to date someone they can bring home to mom and dad eventually; put your shirt on. You reduce your number of possibilities if you portray yourself as a sex god. Your great body is a worthy marketing tool, of course, but make it known without being too over the top.

Element Five, Being Alone: Leave pets and kids out of it. A lot of people are impressed by the sensitive side, it’s true, but after you’ve seen four or five profiles that include pics with a puppy or niece it becomes transparent that it is a ploy.

Element Six, Be Happy: Your smile and eyes should be present. We want to know what your face will look like looking back at us so take off your shades and post at least one picture that shows all of your happy face.

Element Seven, Create Variety: Make sure to have more than one photo if the site allows it so we can not just see what you look like, but see what you look like doing the things you love.

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