Over 40 and Fabulous: Dating Advice for Women

by Pam Baldwin

Dating over the age of forty can be a challenge for some women, but it can be made easier by following some simple advice. First, women should always dress their age. It’s fine to dress like a twenty year old when you are twenty years old, but if you’re forty, then you should embrace it rather than resist it.

Next, a woman should always try to act her age. When we’re young, we often wish we were older, and when we get older, we often pine for the good old days. This is counterproductive and pointless. A woman should be proud of the age she is, and should not try to act like anything or anyone she is not.

Sometimes older women make the mistake of wanting to mother the men they date. This is especially common if the man in the relationship is younger than the woman. However, you should always treat your partner as an equal and not speak down to him nor nag him.

Women should embrace physical intimacy and romance as they age. There is no need to be shy about your body, even if it doesn’t look quite the same as it did when you were in your twenties. Be bold, adventurous, and passionate – he’ll love it and so will you!

Another worthy dating tip for women over 40 is to acknowledge your intelligence. Show him how much you differ on the educational level in regards to younger females. Intelligence is one of the sexiest things a woman can possess and something many young females may lack. Acknowledge the fact that you may have a degree or two in something and what you speak of is worthy enough. This glorifies your presence in his mind while eliminating the young females who may have had nothing better than shopping for shoes on their minds.

Reevaluate your standards when it comes to relationships and love is one of the most skipped dating tips for women over 40. There are women who are over 40 and have yet to be married. Their preference leads them to want a man who has not been married so far either. While this is likely in a young male in this twenties, it may become harder to find as the age gap between a woman over 40 and a man narrows. A man who is never married may have more relationship baggage packed with him than a man who has been married.

Don’t be afraid to let a man sweep you off your feet. Just because you’re over forty doesn’t mean that you can’t flirt, have fun, and be wooed. Let a man treat you like a princess; you deserve it! Just remember to treat him like a prince!

Although it’s a bit clich, the importance of being yourself really cannot be overstated. A woman over 40 should be proud of the life she’s lived, the experiences and insight she’s gained, and the person she’s become. There’s nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who loves and nurtures herself.

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