Peter Mason

by Peter Mason

Are you trying to plan a vacation but you’re having a hard time organizing flights, hotels, tours and transportation? Or are you trying to book a cruise but having a hard time combining it with hotels and flights? Well, there is a way to plan and book everything from flights to tours from the convenience of your home or office. The internet is the key to booking everything you need so your holiday planning is simple and fast and in many cases a money savings.

The first step is planning your trip. Take the time to research using online tools to find the things that you want within a price range that fits into your budget. Many websites will display all available companies and then you can determine which one is right for you. Many of these will allow you to bookmark companies so you can do a price and amenity comparison later.

Travel websites, such as Expedia or Orbitz, are great for one stop shopping but keep in mind that they usually charge a nominal fee; in many cases it’s worth the convenience of getting it all done with just a few clicks. More importantly though, some airlines and hotels either don’t use these travel websites or they reserve their super low fares for customers who visit their own website. It never hurts to check around to see if you can find a better deal.

Make sure to read the fine print when researching prices. Companies usually advertise the lowest possible rate. That rate may not be available when you want to go or it may only be available certain days of the week. Most prices do not include taxes and fees which can add up to a substantial amount especially if you’re taking a holiday to an international destination.

If comparing prices and matching up flights, hotels, cruises, etc. is still too much for you then many online sites offer packages. These packages usually include air, hotel and transfers from the airport. Some also include tours, spa treatments and other amenities. There are also similar packages offered for cruise vacations.

After you determine which airlines, hotels, and transportation is right for you, book it using a reputable site. Most will give you instant confirmation and your tickets will be electronic. Make sure you print out everything so you have confirmation letters to provide as proof of purchase. Sometimes there can be mix ups so bring these printouts with you on your trip.

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