Precautions to Take with Discount Cookware

by Karen Newlon

Getting cookware at a discount may seem like a great deal especially if you are big on cooking family meals and entertaining often. However, discount cookware should be checked into because it is the health of your family and friends at stake. Whenever you see an advertisement for discount cookware, do not go and just buy what you find without taking a second look.

Non Stick Film: This is because if the quality is bad, the discount cookware you buy will end up costing you more as you will need to spend more money, time and effort to go out and buy new cookware after this one warps, breaks, rusts or gets damaged in some other way. Another way in which discount cookware can be a nightmare is if the non-stick of the pan starts to peel. While results are inconclusive, many studies have shown that f the non-stick film on the bottom of pans starts to chip and peel, it can cause the food to be contaminated sometimes even to the extent of becoming a cause of cancer and therefore should be disposed off immediately.

However, not all discount cookware is all bad. The best way to get a good deal on pots and pans is to buy expensive stuff when it goes on sale or is in the clearance aisle. This way when you know you have a great brand like Calphalon or Cuisinart in your hands at a fraction of the cost, then you know you have scored a good deal. Another thing that you do not want to do with your cookware is to use metallic spoons to cook or serve with as that is the number one cause of the non stick fill mile Teflon to start scratching and peeling.

Coupons and Deals:You wouldn’t want to save a few dollars now and put your loved one’s health at risk nor risk the fact that your food gets burnt if the base is not heavy enough or your fingers get burned if the handles are made of metal etc. Therefore always look for a reputed name and then buy it when it is on sale. That way you will know that while you saved some money, you did not do it at the risk of your family’s health in the long run. If you want to get cookware for a discount, then use coupons which come in the Sunday paper for stores like Bed Bath and Beyond and Linens N Things or comparison shop online.

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