Preparing A Gift Basket For a Family’s Newborn Baby

by Tanya Richards

It is said that everyone loves a baby. They bring about a certain attitude when it comes to the surrounding family, friends, and co-workers. When the new addition arrives, they are so popular that everyone wants to see them and bring them a present. Then the question arises on what to buy the little one. Do you purchase something that the newborn needs? So you splurge on an extravagant keepsake? The answer is a simple one. You bring along a gift basket that has items for the newborn, the proud parents, and maybe a little something for the rest of the family.

For starters, a baby gift does not have to be in a basket. Use creativity and make the container something the new parents can get a lot of use out of. Many baskets have been made using everything from, diaper bags, baby bathtubs, bassinets, and special keepsake boxes. Another option is to create a unique container by tying diapers together; it could definitely be the favorite gift for a new mom and dad. In the end, whatever is choosen will be great if care and attention to detail are considered.

When designing the inside of a baby gift basket, most designers really cannot go wrong. There is such a wide variety of items that can be included. One option is to ask the soon to be parents if they have a registry anywhere. If they have, presents can be choosen from their own list. If not think of a theme that could be used. For example if a baby bathtub is chosen as a container, it could be filled up with shampoos, lotions, bath toys, a water thermometer, and washrags. Other fun things that could be added are baby bath towels that have been embroidered or a little bath robe. These gifts are sure to always please.

Some people may want to choose items or colors that are gender specific, while others may want to go more in the neutral direction choosing items in yellow, green, or white. Some may feel that there is nothing cuter than a pink outfit for the new daughter of the family or an infant sized baseball hat for junior. Others may want to go a more subtle direction while choosing items that could be used for both genders or for maybe the next child. It really is a matter of personal preference and what you as the giver feels would be appropriate.

An idea such as this is a great way for the office to pull together and give the new proud parents something for the newborn. This is also a perfect type of present for those who cannot make up your mind on a single item. A collection of needed items or items that you feel the parents would appreciate still exhibit the thought you put into choosing something for their child. By choosing a basket is also a wonderful way for neighbors to collaborate and put a special item in from each of them.

A gift basket is a great way to personalize your gift giving. The thought and creativity that has gone into your basket design will leave a lasting impression on the recipient. Gift baskets make the perfect gifts combining a lot of items into a neat package that is easily deliverable. Always a welcome gift, baskets prove to be not only unique, but functional. They will continue to make gift giving an easy and enjoyable experience.

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