Ragdoll Cat Breed Origins

by Ben Harper

The beginnings of the Ragdoll cat breed are filled with strange stories and controversy. The stories told by this breed’s fonder are bizarre and downright silly. The facts known about Ann Baker are that she started breeding Ragdoll cats in the 1960s in California. Ann was a eccentric person that liked to tell wild stories about her cats. The first Ragdoll cat was called Josephine and belonged to Ann Baker.

The Ragdoll trait came from Josephine and her kittens and became the breeds name. Ragdoll cats go limp when you pick them up and hold them, just like a rag doll toy. Ann Baker applied for and was awarded a trademark for the breeds name. She wanted anyone that bred Ragdoll cats to be required to pay royalties for the use of the Ragdoll name. Ann Baker went on to found the first registry for Ragdoll cat breeders; however, many of the breeders left her registry due to her strange behavior and wild claims.

Ragdoll cats do indeed go limp when held; however, Ann Baker had wild explanations for why the cats do this. Her stories go back to the night Josephine was hit by an automobile. Baker claims she rushed to a local University seeking treatment for Josephine’s injuries and the University changed her cat’s DNA. As a result of this genetic manipulation the Ragdoll cat breed was born.

Another wild claim made by Ann Baker was that her cats were impervious to pain. She said her cats were genetically altered not to feel pain and were actually alien feline hybrids. Watch out Fox Mulder; there have been alien hybrids roaming the earth since the 1960s. Ann Baker made other bizarre claims stating her cats had no fears or allergens and were in fact perfect for pet owners that suffered from cat allergies. When it comes to the beginnings of the Ragdoll cat breed, Ann Bakers stories truly are stranger than fiction.

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