Red Roses History And Significance

by Elizabeth Crosthon

Very few things convey the feeling of love and adoration better than a dozen fresh red roses. Fossil evidence shows that roses are at least 35 million years old and better than 150 different species thrive on six of the seven continents, though none so revered as the red rose.

For more than 5000 years people have been growing roses. Not only were they grown for their beauty they were used for their oils as natural medications and perfumed scents as well as using their petals as confetti; tossed in the air at parades and parties

The Romans, who were known for their elegant tastes and love of symbolism, began the tradition of giving red roses to lovers. In prim and proper Victorian times, vibrant red roses were among the flowers of many colors which were used to express feelings that could not be expressed by word or touch. It was during these Victorian times that many different flowers began to acquire secret meanings.

Besides just the color of one dozen fresh cut red roses, did you know that you can send an additional meaning? The degree to which the bloom is open means something, too. A bouquet of closed buds symbolizes youthful innocence. A fresh arrangement of red roses that are fully opened and bloomed symbolizes a love in full swing, appropriate for steady relationships or anniversaries.

The number of roses you give, in addition to the shape of the bloom, is important for the occasion. For a couple that just met, a single rose is a simple symbol of beginning. Giving a mate a dozen florist arranged fresh red roses conveys the message of continuing love.

There is also a significant meaning to pink roses. Different shades of pink convey different messages. Appreciation and respect is signified by dark pink roses, while feelings of sympathy are demonstrated by the lighter shades of pink. Giving a mixture of both red and pink rosebuds means that you feel the recipient is both beautiful and full-of-life.

Roses are very valuable because they can be very hard to grow. Just ask anyone that has tried to grow perfect roses. A dozen fresh red roses are usually in high demand. It is easy to order flower delivery over the phone or online. This makes is very easy to send the person you love a message containing your feelings.

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