Solar Powered Fountain Pumps Explained

by Vince Paxton

You can make any garden pond look so much better by simply adding a beautiful water fountain. If it’s really hot then such a fountain will make you relaxed. Birds and wildlife will also love this running water. All of the birds attracted to your water fountain will make a nice change to what you normally look at!

All fountains have one thing in common, they all use pumps to move the water around. If the water is not moved then it will become stagnant and not be quite as attractive! These pumps are commonly run with electricity which isn’t exactly cheap but not like running industrial pumpsor compressors. You need to run your fountain 24 hours a day for it to be effective and so it can cost a lot of money to run each month.

I’m not suggesting that you simply don’t get a fountain because that would be a silly idea. Instead you could install a solar powered pump for your fountain. Solar powered pumps get their electricity from the sun, in a similar way to the plants in your garden get their energy. Installing solar powered pumps is easy, and they are completely free to run.

How do Solar Power Fountain Pumps Work?

All solar powered pumps have a solar panel attached. This solar panel collects sun light and converts it into electrical energy. The pump can then use this electricity to circulate the water in your pond. You should carefully make sure that the pump you buy is suitable for the volume of water you intend to move with it. The size is rated by gallons per hour to make it easy to compare different types of pump.

Another really great feature of solar powered pumps is that during the day they don’t use all of the electricity they generate. Instead of simply wasting this they store it in batteries. This should mean that your pond pump will have enough power left over to last through the night. Because solar powered pumps do not have to be wired into your home they can be placed pretty much anywhere without any unsightly wires messing up your garden. You don’t need to worry about locating this near to a power point. You could install a number of solar powered fountains relatively easily.

There are some fantastic benefits to installing a solar powered fountain pump, so why don’t you consider fitting one? These pumps look after the environment, and save you money what could be better? You can place the fountain wherever you like, they’re ideal! Solar power is a wonderful technology which is bound to grow in popularity.

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