Suggestions To Help You Choose A Baby Name

by Katy Bivens

Baby experts, teachers, and sociologists all say your baby’s name will impact on his or her personality. These same experts also agree that baby’s ability to interact with his or her peers (ugh, let’s refer to baby as ‘she’ and ‘her’!) is also affected by her name. So a name is one of the most precious things you will give your baby – no pressure then! Here is a list of things to consider.

– Unusual spelling: The fashion these days is to choose a baby name that is somehow ‘different’. Either by spelling a traditional name in a different way, or making up a unique name. It is easy to understand the reasons for choosing a different name, but is it a good idea? First, let’s consider different spelling: if a girl’s name is spelt differently but stills sounds the same as the traditional spelling, when teacher calls Katey, then Katie and Katy will also come running. Furthermore, Katey will find that most people will spell her name incorrectly and she will probably have trouble with important official documents later in life. The only people to spell her name will likely be her husband and parents!

– Made up names: Another way of giving baby a ‘unique’ name is to make one up. The problem is that many parents go overboard and choose really weird names for baby. Celebrities are renowned for this of course and, to some extent, their kids are insulated from the real world by wealth. Remember that your baby is going to grow into an adult and a cute name for a baby may not sound so good for a strapping six footer. We met twin babies recently called Porche and Mercedes! The cost of raising the twins will probably be similar to the cost of the cars, and maybe Daddy would have preferred the motors!

– Initials: Check to ensure that the initials of baby’s names, including the last name, do not make a word; or at least not an unfortunate word that will lead to your child’s embarrassment in later years.

– Puns: Johnny Cash’s song ‘A Boy Named Sue’ is amusing but in real life giving your baby a name, or combination of names, that will cause her embarrassment when she is older is cruel. Yet parents still do it, either on purpose or just by not thinking. Whilst in hospital I met a nurse with the name of Rosie Bottom. Readers in the UK will smile at that, others should substitute the last name for ‘Butt’ to join in the amusement. her name certainly made her patients laugh, but there must have been times when Rosie cursed her parents for their lack of thoughtfulness.

– Compatibility: Experts say you should opt for a short first name if the last name is a long one, and vice versa. Also, if your last name starts with a vowel, avoid a first name that ends in a vowel, apparently the two names tend to run into one.

– Name Meanings: If you can’t decide on a name from the short-list you have drawn up, try looking at the meanings of the names to see if one stands out. If you want to give your baby two names, perhaps you would like them both to have the same meaning? Or maybe opposite meanings? Zoe and Eve both mean ‘Life’; Melanie means ‘Dark’, whilst Phoebe and Lucy both mean ‘Light’; and Mia and Marianne both mean ‘Wished for child’.

– Choosing Names For Twins: The examples in the last paragraph are particularly suitable when it comes to deciding on names for twin babies. Sarah, Zara and Sadie all mean ‘Princess’; Shone, Sian, Joanne, Jack and Ian all mean ‘God has been gracious’; and Tammy and Tasmine both mean ‘Twins’.

The name you give your baby is a gift and perhaps the most important apart from life itself. So take time and care when choosing the name and make it one she will be proud of.

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