Table Decorations Add a Special Something to the Holidays

by B. Johnson

The Christmas season is all about getting together with those you love. During a delicious meal there is no better way to bond with loved ones. There are numerous preparations that go into getting a holiday meal ready, and part of those preparations include Christmas table decorations.

Christmas Table Decorations: Give the Table an Overall Theme

Christmas table decorations and Christmas centerpieces need to have a coinciding theme in order to really work well together. For example, say that your theme is Christmas trees.

Well, first of all you need to think about the table cloth and the table linens. Pick a tastefully done table cloth with Christmas trees scattered throughout the design. Then, when it comes to the linen napkins, add some Christmas table decorations in the form of Christmas tree napkin holders.

You can actually get a bit creative, in regard to additional Christmas table decorations that have to do with the theme of a Christmas tree. For the centerpiece, you can actually get a small pine tree (very, very small!) and use it as the centerpiece. Decorate it as you would any other Christmas tree!

With the addition of Christmas lights in the form of Christmas table decorations you can also get even more creative. You can take small strings of Christmas lights and work them around each individual chair, but it might get a bit tricky. Make sure, however, that these particular Christmas lights are battery powered!

Regardless of the theme that you choose, it is important to take your time when thinking about the overall set up of the table. The first thing that you will need to keep in mind is the overall size of your table. The smaller your table, the less decoration you can put on it!

The number of people you will be having to dinner is another thing you need to think about. Some people try to sit a lot of people at a small table. Then unfortunately, you will have to keep the decorations to a minimum, if this happens to be your situation.

How many decorations are too much? Well, it all has to do with the amount of room that each guest has to eat. You obviously have many more options for decorations if there is a lot of room and the table is large. However, just because you have a small table should not mean that you cannot decorate the table and make this holiday dinner a truly special event.

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