Tesco Home Insurance

by Thulas Sukati

Accidents happen in the home all the time and there may be the time where everything of value has to be replaced after a burglery, a time when you will be really glad of your home inurance. Home insurance can also be purchased as part of a joint buildings and contents policy but this is only worthwhile if you own your own home.

Whilst you are searching for the ideal house insurance, it would be worthwhile spending some time going around your home making up a written inventory of all your most important possessions. Whilst you are carrying out this inventory, why not make a camcorder recording of all your rooms, paying special attention to personal and costly possessions, or use a still camera if you do not own a camcorder. This can be added to your inventory and will provide a unique record of your home and possessions. Do not forget to update this record each time something new is added so should you need to claim on your home insurance it will be accurate and up to date.

Luckily nowadays, most insurance companies are able to supply home insurance quotes online so you can compare a number before deciding which one suits your circumstances best. Of course the biggest benefit to the home owner is when they request a home insurance quote online, they will receive an answer within only a couple of minutes. Online home insurance are usually less expensive since overheads are cut from the picture the companies’ can offer lower premiums and insurance rates. The insurance company you choose should have a good name as well as be competitive so it is well to be comfortable about this from the start.

The limit of protection that your home insurance covers is called the sum assured and this is the total amount that an insurance company will pay out should the contents of your home be lost, stolen or damaged. The sum assured is often calculated by the home insurance company for you based on figures for replacing the contents of an average home. Some home insurance companies are more diligent and may make a physical examination of your home or specifically request an amount of cover from you and then calculate how much it will cost from the figures you supply. This situation may also benefit your particular needs as your personal contents value may be much higher than the standard sum assured, in which case you would be under insured.

You should be aware that not every one of your possessions is covered automatically by your home insurance and it is worthwhile checking this first and adding anything that is not a standard item. Home workers for instance should be aware that equipment used to run that business from home is not always covered as standard. Also, if the sum insured does not cover high value items, such as jewelry and electronic equipment, you may have to pay extra on your home insurance policy to insure them at the level you need. However, ultimately it is your responsibility to check out which possessions are covered by the policies that you are considering before you make a final decision.

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