The Ways One Can Clean Hardwood Floors

by Adam L Jackson

Anyone who has hardwood floors in their homes will want them to look as good as the day when they first had them installed. Although you can use special cleaning products to help ensure that they retain their look, these are not only expensive, but contain chemicals that can be harmful to wooden floors also. Below we look at some other ways in which to clean hardwood floors to ensure that they retain the same look and condition.

However even before you decide which is the best way for you to care and clean your hardwood floors you need to find out what finish they have to them. In fact what finish is on your wooden floors will be what will determine the way in which they are cleaned. Most new wooden floors including bamboo and oak ones will have been sealed so just sweeping with a broom and wiping with a damp mop is sufficient. However, floors that have been penetrated sealed or treated using oils will need to be cleaned using either a liquid or a paste wax. The same also goes for floors, which have not been treated or have been varnished, shellacked or lacquered.

One of the best ways of actually cleaning hardwood floors today is through using vinegar. However, if you want to get the best results possible you should be using is white vinegar, which not only helps to remove the build up of grease on it, but also can help to remove any unwanted odours as well. Also people who have used vinegar to clean their wooden floors have found it helps to remove mildew, a large number of stains as well as wax which has been able to accumulate on the floors surface.

Although vinegar is proving to be effective for cleaning many types of hardwood floors some people who have oak floors or bamboo floors prefer to use other cleaning methods in order to care for theirs. Of all the kinds of wooden floors that one can get for the home today, oak ones are not only beautiful looking, but also very easy to maintain.

However, if you want your oak floor to retain the same look that it had when first installed you need to clean it regularly. Ideally, one should be vacuuming and then the surface wiped over with a damp mop to remove all other dust particles on a weekly basis. If however, your oak floors have been waxed then you should arrange to buff them occasionally as this will help to bring the shine back up, plus it will help to remove any scuff marks on the surface.

But should you have a bamboo floor in your home then the way that this is cared for is somewhat different from other kinds of hardwood floors. Again, like with oak floors you should regularly run a vacuum over the surface before you then mop the bamboo floors down with a mop. It is important however that the cleaning fluid you use on the surface of this kind of floor does not contain any kinds of oil, acids or caustic ingredients in them so you should avoid using vinegar on this.

As we have mentioned there are plenty of products that wooden floor manufacturers will recommend which you can use to care for them. One such product is called Murphy’s oil soap and this is not only great for helping to remove all the dirt and dust which accumulates on such floors, but will also help the floor to retain its shine as well.

Above we have looked at a number of different ways in which one can clean hardwood floors. But which method you use will depend on not just the type of hardwood floor but the way in which the floor has also been finished. Therefore, it is important that you take your time and carry out some research if you want your floor to retain the look it had when first installed.

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