Tilapia Fish Recipes for Maximum Flavor and Nutrition

by KC Kudra

There are plenty of tilapia fish recipes to choose from, each offering a slightly different flavor and texture. Tilapia is a very versatile fish and one of the best cooking methods for this fish is to bake it.

Not only are all baked fish recipes delicious but also tilapia is a very healthy fish and an ideal part of a nutritionally balanced diet. Tilapia is a mild-flavored fish, which means you can feel free to use tilapia fish recipes with strong sauces. Eating Tilapia, twice a week has various health benefits and this fish is available all year round.

A small piece of salmon contains 158 calories and the same sized piece of tilapia has only 85. The salmon contains 7.9g of fat and the tilapia only 1g for the same sized portion.

Tilapia Fish Recipes – Health Benefits

A small portion of tilapia fish has about half the calories of an equal size piece of salmon. The salmon ways in with a whooping 158 calories, which as said is about double! In addition tilapia contains only 1g of fat compared to 7.9g of fat in the same sized portion of salmon.

Tilapia is free from fiber or carbohydrates. It is a plentiful source of niacin, protein, selenium, vitamin B12, and phosphorus and contains very little sodium. Tilapia does not provide omega-3 fatty oils, which are healthy, but you can eat salmon, mackerel, or some other oily fish once or twice a week to make up for that. Tilapia is relatively high in cholesterol too.

The nutrients in your tilapia fish recipe will vary depending on the other ingredients. You can marinate tilapia but do not marinate it for too long because the proteins start to break down after a while, resulting in a mushy fish. Tilapia can be grilled, which is another healthy way of cooking it, but you have to take great care not to tear the fish because it is small and thin. Tilapia is very lean so grilling will only take a few minutes. If you leave it on too long, it will quickly dry out. Tilapia is a mild fish so most seasonings will go well with it. Grilled fish recipes can be simple or more complicated. Simply cooking the fish over the grill with a bit of salt and pepper can give good results. Alternatively, you can try a marinade.

Baked tilapia recipes usually turn out very well too. You will need to add some fat by brushing on a little melted butter or oil. This ensures the fish stays moist. Tilapia dries out easily because of its low fat content, so most baked tilapia recipes call for oil or butter.

When using baked fish recipes, you can place the fish on a bed of onion and celery or bake vegetables alongside it in the same baking dish. You will also need to add oil or butter when sauting tilapia. Steaming this fish is a healthy way to prepare it, since no extra fats are added.

Using Oil in Tilapia Fish Recipes

You can bake or saut tilapia in oil or butter. If you would rather use oil, peanut or sunflower oil are very good. These oils are nearly flavorless and will not add flavor to the fish. You can also use olive or canola oil but you will be able to taste these. Fats are an essential food group, useful for the overall health of the body.

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