Tips for Safe Baby Stroller Use


Tips for Baby Stroller Safety

Strollers have been used for decades due to the fact that they offer convenience to parents on the move. As with many products on the market that are designed for infants and toddlers, many safety alerts and red flags have been raised.

No loving parent wants to learn of any baby or toddler that may have suffered injury, or potentially death, from the use of a baby stroller. As a result of such accidents many safety tips have been compile, a few of them listed here, to assist parents in learning and understanding safety enhancements that are most important to consider when selecting a baby stroller.

When purchasing a unit for your child and/or children, it is absolutely essential that you take the time to determine if the product is safe. Here, you will be provided with information regarding the dangers that are associated with these devices, as well as some basic safety features that are important to the health and life of your child.

Baby Stroller Use and its Dangers

According to Pediatric Emergency Care, there were a number of stroller related injuries responded to in the year of 2004 to the year of 2007 by the 911 Response Team in just one community. The statistics of this particular study indicated the following:

During the approximately three and a half years that this study was conducted, 241 different incidents occurred that were specific to those involving shopping carts and strollers, with 121 of those related to strollers.

The ages of the children that were involved in the stroller related injuries averaged between 0 months and 6 months of age.

Falls resulted in a percentage of 47.5% of all the cases, the largest number of the injuries reported.

59% of the injuries that were connected to stroller related injuries were attributed to the head area.

At least 18% of the children monitored also sustained an injury directly related to the facial area.

The local emergency treatment center received transport via ambulance of at least 77% of the children evaluated.

It is estimated that a little over 8% of all the children involved were hospitalized for further treatment and evaluation of their injuries.

It is believed that as parents become aware of steps to keep their children safe in their strollers, there will be less likelihood that injury or death will occur while employing the convenience of the stroller. Based on the information obtained from this study, medical professionals determined that education should be an emphasis when it comes to parents who implement them.

Taking Measures for Stroller Safety

The following details some of the safety measures for stroller use. If you have purchased a stroller, or you are considering purchasing a stroller, it is important that you know and understand the basic safety measures that you can take in this situation. Below are some effective strategies that have been found to enhance the safe use of strollers.

1. Fact: Strollers that are narrow tend to have the most complications when it comes to leaning and tipping over. It is essential to ensure that you purchase astroller that has a base that is relatively wide. This way, there is a reduced opportunity for tipping and accidental falls.

2. There are many situations in which parents may be tempted to hang things on the stroller handles, such as purses and diaper bags. It is important to avoid the temptation to do this. By doing so, you are posing the possibility of causing a tipping over that can result in injury.

3. There is a seatbelt that is attached to the stroller. It is absolutely imperative that you use the seatbelt at all times. This will add security to the device for the child.

4. Each and every single time that you are using the stroller, it is important to ensure that you take the time to use the device that locks the stroller into place. It is equally important to use the wheel locking devices when the stroller is not in movement.

5. you should never leave the baby stroller unattended. It is when a child is left unattended that the most injuries occur.

6. Before and after each use check the stroller carefully to ensure that the parts are all secure – especially the seat area and the wheel area. Do not place your child in the stroller if you find that any parts are loose. It is best to fix these components, or purchase a new unit altogether.

7. You should always evaluate the product that you have compared to the product recalls that are issued on a regular basis due to safety issues. If you find that your stroller is listed, simply discard it or follow the appropriate instructions on the recall list.


While strollers offer a number of benefits to the parents, these devices can also pose a danger to the children that are placed in them. It is imperative to ensure that you learn as much as you can regarding what can happen, and how to prevent these situations from occurring. If you do this, it is almost a guarantee that your child and/or children will remain safe.

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