tips to help you conceive a baby faster

by Alicia P Danielle

When can I get pregnant? Many women today believe as soon as they go off the pill they will get pregnant, and this is simply not true. Getting pregnant can take months and even years for some couples today.

If you want to get pregnant faster you need to understand your body and when you are most fertile and ready to get pregnant. If you want to get pregnant right away you need to understand your cycle. When you are able to understand your ovulation cycle you will be able to determine the best time to have sex.

The women’s cycle is the biggest factor in determining when you will get pregnant. The ovulation cycle for most females is around 28 days and at 14 days they are at their peak of fertility and most ready to become pregnant.

Most women have a ovulation cycle of 28 days with best time to conceive coming at the half way point. While 28 days in normal not all women are the same it can vary by one to four days either way. Understanding when your ovulating will give you the best chance of getting pregnant.

To best understand your ovulation cycle you need to understand your bodies temperature. A women’s temperature rises around 1 degree when she is at her peak fertility. Using a basal thermometer is the most accurate test a women can use to check when she is ovulating.

The most accurate way to discover when you are most fertile is with a home ovulation kit. A home ovulation works by measuring the females level of hormone’s and letting her know two days in advance of her peak fertility.

One way to determine when you are close to the peak of a ovulation cycle is the change in the cervical mucus. When a women is near her peak fertility her vagina fluid will become off white in color this a sign that she is ready to conceive.

Getting pregnant and having a child is a great joy for any couple that take this step in their relationship. While trying to get pregnant it is important that you do not let the pressure of getting pregnant right away take away from the joy of trying to get pregnant.

Many couples put to much pressure on themselves when they decide they want to have children and this actually can hurt their chance of conceiving a child. Stress can affect the women’s hormone levels and take the joy out what is supposed to be a great time in their life.

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