Trouble shooting your Oriental Rug

by JD Theis

Oriental Rugs are a major investment. Some cost thousands of dollars and are the end result of processes that have taken thousands of years to learn. Generally, they come from far away places like China and Iran, and the people who craft them there take great pride in their workmanship. People often think that because Oriental Rugs are valuable they need to be pampered, but the very opposite is true. When an Oriental rug is dirty is can be washed unlike wall-to-wall carpeting that can be surfaced cleaned only.

They are a study lot partially because they are full of natural oils that keep many potential stains from penetrating and setting. Consider this. There have been reports in the Middle East of Oriental Rugs that are thrown into the street to be run over by cars and walked on by camels as part of the aging process that makes them have the appearance we are used to.

Still there are certain remedies that need to be practiced to ensure that life’s little accidents don’t become big problems for Oriental Rugs. Whether the spill is made up of wine, coffee, urine or paint, it needs to be looked after right away. Don’t wait and remove as much of it as possible. But be careful here. There is a minority of Oriental Rugs that contain a certain kind of dye that will run if you put water on it, but those rugs are in the minority. If the rug has gotten wet in the process of blotting out the stain, there’s no need to panic. Again, most of these rugs can stay wet for several days without being damaged. This is good to know for Oriental Rugs that have become sopping wet from plumbing problems or even a visit from the fire department.

When the stain is gone, finish drying the rug however you can. If you’ve got good weather you can dry it outside and if not, try elevating it inside the home and pointing a fan toward it. Remember too that many great imitation Oriental Rugs have been imported into Canada and the United States and some of the best of these are in the Oriental Weavers Sphinx Collection. Independent retailers have chosen them number one in style and color for several years now and the company has won numerous awards including America’s Magnificent Rug Award. Take a look at the Au Natural Collection for instance. These are some of the best rugs of their kind that you’ll see.

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