Using Internet Dating Sites to Start Dating After Your Divorce

by Pam Baldwin

Often divorcees find themselves wanting a relationship, but not knowing where to look. They might feel out of practice if it’s been years since they were single. They might not know how or where to meet people. I’ve heard divorcees make all kinds of excuses about why they “can’t” date.

Usually what this boils down to is plain old insecurity. Getting back into dating after a divorce can be anxiety-inducing because you’ve been burned before. It’s probably left you feeling uncertain about your ability to make a new relationship work.

While this is a normal feeling to have, don’t let it get the best of you! It’s perfectly fine to feel nervous, but it is not okay to let your nerves get the best of you! Remember that everybody is a little nervous about going on a first date with someone new, so you’re not alone.

Also, remember that there is a huge difference between not being emotionally ready to date and being anxious about it. Often I hear recently divorced people say that getting back into dating after a divorce is too hard. Sometimes they say they’re not ready. Granted, this can be a legitimate feeling, but often it seems like an excuse because they’re feeling insecure. Don’t fall into that mindset!

Now the only problem is how to get a date. Often, divorcees realize that they don’t know a lot of single people. Married couples tend to gravitate toward other married couples. People who are divorced may also find that they’re not particularly enthused about looking for potential mates in crowded, noisy bars.

You might consider using an online dating service as an alternative to the more traditional ways of meeting people. Online dating is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. It’s easy, convenient, and often less intimidating than other methods.

A site like might be worth checking out. You’re able to set up a profile and browse other people’s profiles. It’s a great way to find a like-minded person who lives in your area and is looking for a relationship. Another bonus is that it’s less terrifying to approach an attractive person on the Internet than it is in a crowded bar!

Re-introducing yourself to the world of dating needn’t be a chore. It can and should be fun! If you know what you’re looking for and what you have to offer, you’ll have an advantage. It is absolutely possible to find love after a divorce, so don’t be afraid to take that plunge!

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