Ways to Help Move Your Car and Family Internationally

by L.Buckley

The movers who brought my stuff to NYC were obliged not just to carry all the stuff into the apartment but to build up all the furniture etc. (Full service that is.) However, they were only two, had come late, and I didn’t trust them anyway to treat my precious stuff well. There is a difference between being the owner of something and being a mover who handles stuff that is insured against breaking.

But you can lessen this burden if you become comfortable and secure with whom you choose to move your belongings and this will in turn help you focus more on your family during the time of transition. Start the process at least three weeks before you need to move or even sooner if you have the advantage of knowing that.

The key is to stay focused and on task. Make sure that you take time to discuss with your family all that can expect to happen. Reassure your children that when they get to their new home all their toys will be their too. The key is to keep anxiety and stress to a minimal. You can’t eliminate it but you sure can help to make the transition a bit smoother.

Try making a game out of it. Have your family make and write post cards. Decorate them to what they know their friends would like and mail them. This will give your kids something to look forward to and help to keep connected to their friends and family. In retrospect, I don’t know whether I saved a lot of money by not using a full-service provider. Total cost to me was about USD 5900, where the full-service provider who had originally shipped my stuff to the U.S. had quoted me USD 8100. So this sounds good, but it was quite messy and does not account for my own work.

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