Wedding Invitations- Contemporary Style

by carl yrela

For couples getting married in the future, it is very important to choose the right wedding invitations. The wedding invitation is actually the first clue as to what your wedding will be like, so it is important that it shows the theme and the tone of your wedding, and of course both of your personalities as well.

The amount of wedding invitations to choose from can be quite overwhelming at first. Do you pick the understated elegant wedding invitation or the hip ultra modern contemporary wedding invitation? For the later we have a couple of ideas that will help you to choose the right contemporary invitation.

One of the things to consider when it comes to contemporary wedding invitations is the shape. Whereas traditional invitations are usually square or rectangular the modern wedding invitations offer far more shapes and styles to choose from.

One of the more popular shapes would be circles, hearts and flowers just to name a few. You can still go with the rectangular design and don’t give up the contemporary aspect of your invitation. You still be able to choose from wedding invitation cards that are bi or even tri fold. To top it off some cards will have pockets for the reception orresponse cards.

No limits on Paper and Ink choices. Unlike it’s traditional cousin modern invitations for your wedding will set no limits or boundaries to your imagination when it comes to the color of the paper or the ink you are using. Whereas you would limited in the former to white or ivory on the paper and black as pretty much the only choice for your ink; let you imagination run free for the modern wedding invitation style

Rice paper has become more and more popular lately as the number one choice of contemporary invitation paper. Not only does it look elegant and natural it’s also considered environmentally friendly. Colors can range from a subdued pastels to really bright colors. You can also choose the appropriate ink color that will make your invitation stand out.

Different Presentations There are some other differences that contemporary wedding invitations have as well, such as the presentation of the invitations. Sometimes couples decide to have an artist create wedding cartoons for the invitations. Also, some invitations actually use pictures of the couples on them, which is a very interesting way to set your invitations apart from others. Another different presentation is scroll wedding invitations. These are invitations that are rolled up like scrolls and actually mailed out in tubes instead of sending them in envelopes.

So now you are all set with your creative ideas for modern wedding invitations. One last things to consider might be the added cost compared to a traditional wedding invitation. On average you will spend an extra $4-$5 per invitation. Initially that might not sound a lot but depending on the size of your wedding party it might add up rather fast.

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