What to think about when Buying a Wooden Shed

by Spencer Wilkins

It is important to remember that if one owns any kind of wooden sheds that they will have to be maintained on a regular basis. If you do care for and maintain your shed you will find that it is better able to protect what is kept within. Below we take you through the steps that you will need to carry out to ensure that your wooden shed is protected.

Today as you will soon discover just by visiting your local DIY store or by going online there are many different types of exterior finishes and colors, which you can use on your shed. So depending on what you are trying to do you can just about finish the outside of it in just about any color that you want.

1. Before you can recover the wood on your shed you need to ensure that you have the right equipment for the job. If you can get yourself a power washer, an electric sander and something with which to apply the exterior finish to it. Most people will use either a foam brush, a staining pad or a nylon paintbrush. Also you will need to get your stain and you can choose between either a solid or semi-solid one. Solid ones hide the grain of the wood and are extremely durable, whereas the semi-solid stains allow some of the wood grain to show through.

2. After choosing between either a solid or semi-solid stain you now need to decide whether to go for an oil based or water based one. An oil based stain is ideal if you live in a place where the weather conditions are harsh as it can penetrate the wood much better and is very durable. However, the water-based ones are a much safer alternative and they are resistant to mildew, their colors last longer.

3. After you have brought your stain you can now start to prepare the shed so that it can be applied. First off you should use the electric sander to help remove all the old stain or paint that is on your shed and once this is done you then need to wash it down with the power washer. If you can either buy or hire a power washer that is used specifically for washing items that are made from wood.

4. After washing the wood down you need to give it sufficient time to dry before you start to apply the stain on the clean surface. Therefore, if you can it is best if you wash the sides of the shed on a hot sunny day.

5. Once the wood has dried out you can now move on to the next stage and that is to apply the first coat of stain to it. You should do the staining one wall at the time ensuring that you apply the stain quickly and evenly over the surface. This will make sure that the coat of stain you apply is flawless and no signs of overlapping appear.

6. After you have applied coat number one to the surface of your wooden sheds wall you need to give this time to dry and then apply a second coat. You may find that you might actually need to apply a third coat of stain to your shed to ensure that it is properly protected, and it is a good idea to follow the recommendations that the manufacturer of the stain provides.

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