Why do I need to get life insurance?

by Chris Clare

With the highlight these days on healthier living, the drive in our personal lifestyle is focused on staying in shape, eating a proper diet and keeping fit and with this in mind the question we may ask ourselves may be “why would I need life insurance?”

This could be perceived as being simplistic thinking because, really, no one knows what awaits them around the next corner and your lifestyle choice is only one part of the equation. You may very well be a careful driver but that doesn’t stop you from insuring your car.

Now while you won’t get a new life from life insurance if you die, you will be able to have a certain easy feeling knowing that your family, the loved ones that you care for and go to work every day to support will be able to manage the day to day financial issues should an untimely event happen to you, which causes the loss of your life.

It doesn’t matter that death is inevitable and that it happens every day, we still don’t really want to think about it actually happening to us. Nevertheless, it is something that everyone, particularly those of us with spouses and children to think about, should make the time to arrange for. Losing a family member is usually traumatic even in the best of circumstances, so it is worth considering the fact that on top of the feeling of grief and loss your family is bound to feel on your passing, as well as the nightmare that is organising a funeral, the last thing you want is for them to have to start worrying about how to make your mortgage and loans repayments in the years to come.

Even if you are one of the lucky ones that are able to have cash in the bank, it won’t take long for that nest egg to dwindle to zero under the right conditions. And that, is one of the main reasons that a level headed adult looks into life insurance when they are still healthy and ahead of the game.

It isn’t particularly pleasant to think about dying, especially if you are part of a young couple or with a young family. However these are exactly the sort of people who need to be thinking about insuring their lives. If you have people in your life who you love and care for and depend on you for so much on a daily basis, you have got to think about how they would be off without you around.

Disasters, emergencies and tragic events generally don’t let you know they are going to happen. They come out of the blue, there is never a good time for them to happen and they can be devastating. Fit, healthy and happy people are killed in car crashes and train wrecks every day, and you can guarantee they weren’t planning on that day’s particular chain of events. Usually the best we can hope for in an emergency is that luck will be on our side. It is, however, considerably wiser to provide for the financial outcomes of life’s disasters by taking out protection for your life in the form of a good life insurance policy.

You’ve heard the expression that states that a good offence begins with a good defense. When it comes to defending yourself against the financial devastation that an unexpected death can cause, taking out a life insurance policy is not just good defense, it is the only form of effective defense there is.

SO what about you single care free guys and girls out there? You maybe tenants so there is nothing to worry about there and you own a questionable, but paid off or very nearly paid off car and your only real bills in life are the utilities and a couple of moderate limit credit cards. Insurance is a waste of time, right? While it might be true that the bills you have are really nothing to speak of, do you really want to stick your parents with the final expenses? Or would you prefer that everyone think of how responsible you were to get some coverage to make life after your passing easier on everyone?

So do you need life insurance? Only you can make that decision, but I think that if you give is some thought and are realistic about the world situation in general and your in particular, you will most likely decide that a certain amount of protection is not only desirable but mandatory.

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