Online casino security tips

by Steve Briggs

A few other casino tips and quick reminders to help protect you when gambling online. Online instant chat, messenger, emails or buddy communication systems are not secure! While you should never give out your password to friends, casino support or anybody else in the first place it is especially unwise to transport that kind of information over insecure communication systems.

If you log into a gambling account and see that there is something wrong, money missing, etc, based on my experience in these matters it is probably best to withdraw almost all the remaining funds from your gambling account but leave enough so it looks like you may have come in and played off the majority of the money and not look like you caught on there was a problem. This not only keeps them from realizing you started a withdrawal and going in and cancelling it but also may help keep them feeling comfortable accessing your account which might at some point help casino security to bust the scoundrel. In any case once you have taken the majority of funds out of the account there is little left to lose by letting the scoundrel feel safe to access your account. The issue must be addressed before you can gamble there again so might as well let casino security handle it once you get your money out. One last thing on this matter is be sure to let casino support know that you started a withdrawal to save the remaining money in your account so they don’t think the withdrawal was done by the guilty party. The last paragraph is an extreme which has happened to online poker players in the past but I am not aware of it happening to online casino players. However the advice is good for any situation where you have money in an account that has been compromised.

If you haven’t already done it, get an ewallet for your online banking needs. It protects your most important bank account and if ever someone were to compromise your information the best they could do is get to your ewallet account rather than gain access to your regular bank account. Plus ewallets make it much easier to deposit into online casinos. To find the best ewallet banking solution for you either see the banking section of your favorite online casino for directions in finding the best choice to suit your needs or contact casino customer support and ask them what is the best deposit and withdrawal solution for someone located in your area. Often times they will be able to give you the best choice or several best choices selections.

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