World of warcraft warlocks guide secrets

by Shane Fenham

Descending from Mages and Shamans this Warlocks are a WoW class that delves in dark and demonic practices. There is a lot of information that has been written on how to play this class and this world of warcraft guide will only present a short overview of it which will hopefully illustrate how fun it is to play.

Warlocks are the masters of dealing out DOT aka Damage Over Time. This is since they have curses which over a period drain the life energy of enemies, maiming them and even killing them long after the fight has ended. This is why Warlocks are known as master “debuffers” or a class that instead of giving beneficial spells to targets, do the opposite.

As well as being master debuffers they also have the ability to summon demons they can enslave and use as minions. So as Hunters use pets, they too have side kicks that can either help them in close combat or ranged combat.

It has to be said that this is definitely not an easy class to master due to its wide range of casting abilities that need split timing decisions to be deployed effectively, while at the same time having the extra responsibility of controlling pets or minions. But it is an extremely rewarding class to play as they have the reputation as being the PvP powerhouses thanks to their huge stamina and their Crowd Control powers that is on a par with the of the Mage, making them lethal at making any adversary totally ineffective and vulnerable during combat.

If power leveling is your bag, the warlock multi target abilities allows them to have the highest XP rate in the game, making them shoot up the levels all the way to 70 incredibly fast.

As said this world of warcraft guide on warlocks only skims the surface on what they can do. Their use of Soul Shards to summon and then enslave minions is an example as well as their teleporting ability which allows them to teleport fellow members to the location they are.

The Warlocks great appeal is thanks to their wide range abilities making them very versatile. This is such versatility that it will suit a multitude of playing styles, so much so that entire on line communities are dedicated to the discussion and study of this dark and powerful WoW class.

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