Green Janitorial Services

by Michael Richmond

With the rash of Green programs, it might help to realize that there might be a difference between Green Clean and Cleaning Green. They sound alike, but they have come to infer two different approaches to the Green process. Green Clean is a kind of self-appointed title that basically says, “We’ve included some Green products.” Janitorial services are playing games with the public because adding Green items to the cleaning cart is not the full expectations of the Green Office program.

There is no other source of true janitorial certification except Green Clean Institute. You already know that other firms are competing for the business, and they can buy Green products too. So, what is the real difference in your company. Green Clean Institute ( is an educational program that offers janitorial services a true training and certification program. It is also a federal trademark for enhanced value.

Janitorial work is no longer a mop and bucket business. It is more than taking out the trash or buffing floors. The world has changed, and more is expected of janitorial services than ever before. Frankly, you need to graduate from a “Task Oriented” job that is a mere job to be done, and become a “Service Oriented” business that does the job wisely. This requires that you take some training and pass a few test, but this can be done in your spare time.

There are many new mandates coming down that place new and important changes in the old process of cleaning. Green cleaning is the combination of Green products and Green practices. This means we all must raise our standard of service to fulfill the Green demands by corporations and the government. In the future, you will not be able to fake being Green as now. It will be a different type of business.

Green Clean Institute offers a Green Clean Firm certification at a very affordable price. It is not earned by paying a fee, but requires the person to take six easy-to-understand modules and six exams. In the end, your firm will earn the only federal trademark certification available for janitorial services. This is something that you can include in your bids and quotes.

You will feel a source of pride and value in your Green Clean certification. You will be more than pleased when a close bid goes to your firm. We are seeing more corporations and government facilities asking for Green certified services. In fact, some firms must choose a Green Clean certified firm over non-Green certified firms. It is a pretty wonderful event to pick up a piece of business because you deserve it.

Your Green Clean certification actually become more valuable year after year. One good job can more than pay for this certification, and the work required to earn your credential is not that difficult. Regardless of your years in the business, everyone seems to learn a lot from our courses. In fact, they are available in a download for quick access, and the program is affordable.

Stop claiming to be Green through your own efforts. Self-anointed and self-appointed Green Clean firms will not stand the test of time. Green Clean Institute offers the only serious way to obtain a Green Clean credential that will withstand scrutiny and provide knowledge to be a Green Clean janitorial services. Show the world that you are ready for the new business by being a credible Green Clean janitorial firm.

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