How To Specialize In Addiction Psychology

by Charlie Reese

It is easier to get a psychological degree than a psychiatric one. You will not need the extensive medical school training required of psychiatrists. However, you will not be able to prescribe medications to your patients. For some psychologists, this is a negative, but to some it is a bonus, as they aren’t required to learn about the latest drugs. But drugs now can be prescribed by general practitioners, so you must provide another vitally needed service. Drugs can’t do their work without counseling. This is especially true in the specialist field of addiction psychology.

Choosing Therapy

Many therapists choose to go into addiction psychology just because addictions are such a prevalent problem in modern society. Drugs are easier to get than ever before and many mistakenly believe they offer a pain-free way of escaping internal pain. These drugs include alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal drugs like heroin or opium. But people also get addicted to sex, abusive relationships, work and food. Whenever something takes over a person’s life to the point where they would risk anything in order to fulfill that desire, then they are addicted. Sadly, you wont lack work if you choose to specialize in addiction psychology.

Online Or not in Person?

You usually need to already have some sort of therapists’ license before you can enroll in addiction psychology degree programs. Because of the crammed schedules of the usual therapist, online schooling is becoming more and more of an attractive option. Some colleges and universities will offer you the choice of attending a class in person or taking an online course. Depending on the individual program, you may be eligible even if you don’t have a therapists’ license, but a degree in special education or human services.

Colleges and universities are run like a business, which means they will work with you to try and get you to go there. This means that if you ask for financial aid help, they are likely to bust their guts trying to help you out with grants or loans. If you decide to get a loan from your bank, the college should be able to help you with the paperwork. Check with the individual financial aid department of each college or university that offers addiction psychology degree programs you are interested in.

Getting a specialist degree like one in addiction psychology looks incredibly impressive on your resume. And, unlike some other specialist degrees, what you will learn can relate to real life skills in many fields. An addiction psychology degree can open many doors to not only your career, but a great way to help those in need.

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