Why Colleges Visits Are So Important

by Daniel Z. Kane

College admissions officers and high school counselors often stress the importance of college visits. The reason they do so is because a campus visit can give you the chance to:

1. view all of the campus, not just the parts of it shown in the college publications or pictured on the website.

2. explore the town in which the college is located.

3. sit in on a class and observe the academic atmosphere.

4. ask students direct questions about campus life, what they like about the college, and what, if anything, they would like to change.

5. meet with and question an admissions counselor. Don’t waste this chance.

6. determine if the campus environment feels comfortable. Do students seem serious about academics? Are they welcoming? Do students and faculty appear to interact well? Are there any unpleasant surprises?

In some instances, you will have the opportunity to meet a faculty member, eat in the dining hall, attend an athletic contest or special event, or evening spend a night on campus.

Don’t be shy, and don’t be in a hurry. See is much as you can. Meet and speak with everyone you can. And, say “yes” to any offers you have to eat in the dining hall, attend an on-campus event, visit a class, or spend an evening on campus. The more you learn the better your chance of making an informed college choice.

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